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  1. Some of my most important things are my pets. This is Nala, she is my oldest. She's nearly twelve years old and has very long fur. Her fur makes her look much heavier than she is, if you were to pick her up you would be surprised by how light she is.
  2. This is Jodi-Dozer. I got her from a vet's office. She had been surrendered due to behavioral issues and they had a hard time finding her a home. She used to be afraid of pretty much everything, but she is much more comfortable and relaxed now.
  3. This is Miami. She was rescued from a home where she was being badly neglected and had to have most of her teeth pulled due to disease. Now, she is one of the most friendly cats I've ever seen. She never runs and hides when strangers come over and always comes right up to them to be petted.
  4. This is Loaf. She is Miami's sister and was rescued from the same home. She's a lot more skittish than Miami is. Even her face tends to look a little worried. She's five years old, but still very small.
  5. This is Garfield. He's very large and very talkative. He purrs pretty much constantly, even at the vet. They have to make him smell something so that he stops purring long enough to listen to his heartbeat.
  6. My youngest cat is Morty. He's bold and full of energy. Nothing can slow him down. He once had surgery and immediately came back home and ran all over the place. He has a very odd meow; it sounds more like a goat's bleat.
  7. Here's my dog Butter. No one really knows what breed she is. She may be part whippet since she is very fast. You can't really see them in this photo, but she has very large ears. She's three years old and still has a lot of puppy in her, so she's fun to play with if you can keep up with her.
  8. This is Kiwi. He is a leopard gecko. He doesn't do too much most of the time, but it's fun to watch him hunt crickets.
  9. Another thing that is important to me is storytelling. This is the first book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, which was my favorite book series as a child. It inspired me to want to start telling my own stories.
  10. And here is my first book, Hands. It is based off of my struggles with mental illness, trauma and anxiety. I started working on it when I was eleven and finished the last draft a few years ago. It has been professionally edited and I hope to start selling copies of it soon.
  11. I enjoy illustrating my stories, and I prefer to do this by hand. I have hundreds of markers for this purpose and use them every day.
  12. I keep all of my illustrations in a series of binders. I use sheet protectors to keep them from rubbing on one another and smearing.
  13. This is my iPod, which I have named Charlene. Listening to music is something which helps me focus on writing.
  14. And of course I wouldn't be able to type my stories without a computer.
  15. When I am not working, I enjoy playing video games. My favorite current console is the Switch.
  16. Another thing I love to do is travel. Although, my favorite place in the world isn't too far from where I live now; New Braunfels, Texas, a small town between Austin and San Antonio. This is a cup I got last time I was there.
  17. This is a coconut from Florida. Florida is the setting for one of my books and is frequently referenced in another of them, so it was a great opportunity to visit it.
  18. A model of the Empire State Building from New York. New York, and this building, play a significant role in one of my books. Seeing the building in person was helpful in writing certain scenes.
  19. Finally, here are some things I've kept with me since I was younger. This is my childhood doll, Molly. The books she came with sparked my interest in history.
  20. I've had this light-up eyeball longer than I've had anything else. Somehow, the light inside hasn't gone out after twenty years, which I think is kind of interesting.